services and assistance

Services and Assistance

With many years of guiding and exploring magnificent nature in the Soca valley and beyond    Opasen   may be of value for your project. Many have visited these mountains realizing outstanding dreams. We have worked with scientists, photographers, film producers, engineers, professional athletes, entrepreneurs and newly-weds. Especially when it gets cold, dark, windy, high, wet, deep, heavy, blurry, steep, icy, narrow, turbulent, muddy, tedious, barely legal or ?!#*&()^{}+/@%!!!; it can be nice to have a close friend far away from home. And we bring along an arsenal of practical tools.

Licensed in forestry-heights-depths-whitewater-ropes. We have enjoyed working with Skoda, North Face, Red Bull, Tatra beer, Peugeot, Nissan, Walt Disney, Deepeei Productions, Kanin Freeride Battle, Act2Act studio, NDR television, WYT travels, Rewild, Bovec Outdoor Filmfestival (BOFF) and other fine people!