In the shadows of the forest or hidden from the main roads. Sometimes hard to find. Never far from the river. We find numerous crags for rock climbing in the Soca Valley.
With excellent knowledge of our local natural surroundings and conserving her throughout we invite you to challenge yourself outside. Because of our spectaculair playground relatively close to civilization there is nothing alike.
Abundant in single trails, war paths and forest roads in an unrivaled setting: the Soca valley around Bovec is shaped to ride your bike. Rolling around in these mountains is something different.
Rain and snowmelt try to find its way down the Kanin mountains. Dissolving limestone allows water to flow deep down. Over ages cracks, tunnels and chambers have been carved turning rock into ´Swiss Cheese´...
Slovenia is a humid country with much forest. Soca valley may see more heavy rain than elsewhere in Europe. Slap Boka can roar of rage. In these jagged Julian Alps we see, hear and feel waterfalls.
For millennia Soca valley limestone has been polished by raging water pouring down the steep spines of the Julian Alps. Mountain streams created channels, falls and pools eventually nursing Soca.
Do you have your own alpine tour ski equipment? Join us for one or more days on Kanin or in the Triglav National Park. The settings are stunning.

Welcome to Opasen, exclusive outings in fabulous Soča Valley …