Flower Power

Do you believe in magic? A friendly local fairy walks you through fabulous nature.

On the interpretative trail about medicinal and poisonous plants you will get to know different herbs, each with its own charm. What are its leaves hiding?  What about its flowers, bark and roots? Learn how they can help us as for every disease out there grows a plant to cure it.

Also learn about precautions. Because with wrong use a plant can turn into a little devil, or even worse.

The trail will lead us over meadows, through a forest and along the Soca river bank. Clean, pure alpine beauty.  We will enjoy the views of the surrounding mountains and peep into the world of tiny animals who quietly share this world with us.

For the tour with lunch we eat herbs we picked on our way. Adding potatoes served with local cheese. Down to earth we soak up Soca and gaze at the sky.

The nature trail loop is about 2,5 kilometers long. Professionally guided by pharmacist and licensed tourist guide Nataša Volčanjk.

Total time without lunch 2 to 3 hours, Charge € 45. With lunch 3 to 4 hours, Charge €60.