We strive to offer you an extraordinary positive experience. An outing that you will remember for a long time and may want to come back for another sesssion at some point. We are all people with different skills and expectations. To make your experience successful, Opasen limits the number of participants. This will help keep focus where it should be!

We work with a small group of guides who have many years of experience guiding in this valley. People with love for outdoor sports. Good communication is vital, understanding common language. Speaking and listening. So we enhance freedom and safety!

Walk barefoot in the snow, swim naked in the river or enter a cave without a light; you are guaranteed to an adventure, however you probably won’t get far. Opasen wants to take you further and beyond. Because we use  innovative and functional equipment we are allowed to visit places you would not have imagined. While we are exploring we depend on our kit. We want to keep you warm, dry, sure footed, fed and enlightened!