Soča Survival Week

Leave the paved roads and follow the tracks of the wild goats.

Not your ordinary work week as you challenge your comfort zone around the clock.

This programm allows you to experience much of the outdoor adventure action offered in the valley linking them by foot, raft, mountainbike and…….well, we must keep a few surprises. An outdoor quest testing your navigational skills, endurance and courage with your dear companions set in the the stunning landscape around the Soca river. Get familiar with rough terrain, hights, whitewater and more always with help from your Opasen instructor nearby. With our most loyal 4×4 Bowie in tow we are sure to keep our spirits up!

Without your vices left to your own devices.

Warm and dry nights in down to earth accomodations.

Our natural products have never tasted so good.

Sunday evening to Friday afternoon. Charge: €490. Available in May, June and September for 2 to 6 Soca Survival Week participants.

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