Rio Ronc

Just on the other side of the Kanin mountains in Italy, at the end of the remote Val Resia we find a true canyoning treasure. Rio Ronc is for all who love canyoning. The advanced can catch some big air before plunging into the deep pools. But no need to jump. You could slide or choose the slow descend on rope for extra time in this magnificent park of waterfalls. A well maintained trail leads us to the start. Exit the creek next to our vehicle. Afterwards we can enjoy a traditional lunch jota or frika in the idyllic village of Stolvizza. Because of longer drives there and back from our center in Bovec, with Opasen we make Rio Ronc a full day experience.

Positive attitude needed. Drive one hour or more. Walk up 30 minutes. Walk out 5 minutes. Stream time about 2 hours. Charge € 110, includes lunch in Stolvizza.