Globoski Potok – Slap Nemclja – Katedrala

Yes we will drive you around in our authentic 4×4 vehicle. However you need to be fit!

Driving by the Boka waterfall, the morning is spent hiking along the Uccea river canyon, a treasure of Slovenian nature and a Natura 2000 site. Our path leads us right to the bottom of the Globoski Potok waterfalls. Impressive and refreshing -now we are awake.

Crossing the gorge of Kluze our 4×4 crawls up to the Moznica valley in the Triglav National Park with exposed views of the Koritnica river. We continue by foot descending into a narrow gorge crossing a small bridge. Already we  see , hear and feel the energy. Though to reach waterfall Nemclja we must proceed. Close access involves scrambling down aided by a rope. The natural bridge created by penetrating water is miraculous!

In the scenic mountain village of Log Pod Mangartom we enjoy a typical Slovenian lunch your choice of  jota or frika. Cascade-hunting starts again hiking up a trail at the foot of the massive Loska Stena mountain range. Alongside the falls of Fratarica canyon. Just when you start panting a view opens up: Parabola waterfall, such a sight! However our religion requires us to visit the Katedrala falls. Here we cleanse ourselves before our truck rolls us back to Bovec.

Total hunting time about 5 hours. Charge: € 110, includes lunch.