Slap Virje – Slap Boka – Susec – Slap Kozjak

Yes we will drive you around in our authentic 4×4 vehicle. But you need to be fit!

Plenty of moss today. Cruising through the idyllic village of Pluzna we visit the virgin waterfall – Slap Virje with a hike down and back up for breakfast.

Traversing the world’s most scenic golf course we head for the majestic Boka waterfall. It takes a little march to get a good view.

Humming down the valley we park at the bottom of the Susec canyon awaiting us a scenic steep hike up a mulatjera (warpath). Some technical hiking is required to see the largest lush falls hidden in this gorge.

Take a breather riding the truck along the rapids of Soca river. P a n c a k e s  for lunch! (pancakes with meat, cheese or veggies can you believe it?!?)  Hunting down our final cascade we cross the Soca river over a hanging bridge approaching Kozjak canyon. Finally we see, hear and feel the energy  of water pouring through the dark narrows of the earth. At last we rumble back to Bovec.

Total hunting time about 5 hours. Charge: € 110, includes lunch.